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Wanderlust is a real-life inspired adventure EXPERIENCE about modern travelers. Step into their shoes, and decide how the story will unfold.


From the mysterious statues of Rapa Nui, through the bustling streets of Bangkok and the vast, pristine expanses of the Antarctic, to the grasslands of the Serengeti, explore places you might never see and examine your feelings toward the places you know.


They are driven by hope and curiosity, the search for love, and the need to deal with grief—an idealistic student, a jaded reporter, a man who has never traveled before. Walk with them, shape their paths, and see the world through their eyes.


There are many things to consider: what to pack, when to leave, where to stay.

Be careful to manage your stress and fatigue, because they change the way you see the world.

Create a journey of your own with every choice you make.


"Writing is lovely, giving a sense of all the sights, sounds, and smells"

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Its creators have gone towards the expectations of new groups, such as women (...), book readers, travelers or mature gamers who grew out of games for teens and want to widen their horizons.”

Vogue Poland

"A chill way to travel without leaving your desk"




Buy the Windows version of Wanderlust Travel Stories to play on your desktop/laptop with Windows.

Requires Windows 7 or later




Buy the Mac version of Wanderlust Travel Stories to play on your Apple device with macOS.

Requires macOS 10.9 or later (64-bit)